Lag BaOmer at the Yeshiva of Central Queens was filled with class trips and Color War. The JHS boys headed off for a day at Sportime USA, where they rode rides, played games, and enjoyed laser tag, while the JHS girls headed to Bounce, a trampoline and zip-line activity center. While the JHS students were out of school, the elementary students competed in songs, cheers, and relay activities during two days of color war. The Red, Blue, Yellow, and White teams showed sportsmanship and enthusiasm as they cheered for their teammates, sang songs, and chanted cheers, which could be heard in the yard and throughout the year.

The staff, as well as the students, came dressed in their team colors, and laughter and a sense of freedom could be felt after a very long year of restrictions and limitations. Though COVID rules still applied, nothing could stop the students from enjoying the competition and cookie design activity.