On Tuesday, June 8, the Mishnah Enrichment Shiur at YCQ celebrated the siyum on Maseches Bava Basra. Every Tuesday night, Rabbi Ophie Nat, JHS Rebbe, hosted a virtual Mishnah shiur for sixth through eighth grade boys. Rabbi Nat read and explained the mishnah and answered questions. Prior to COVID times, the class met in person in the YCQ shul. This year, the shiur had to meet virtually. “This is my third year in Rabbi Nat’s shiur, and I was disappointed that we weren’t able to have the shiur in person. Nevertheless, it was still a great experience and the learning was fantastic. We were so lucky to be able to have a siyum in person,” said eighth grade student Noam Traeger.

During the siyum, the boys each read sections of every perek of the mishnah; this added up to the whole masechta being completed. The students worked hard all year and, following the siyum, were treated to a Chinese food dinner and celebration. Parents and siblings were also invited to celebrate the completion of the masechta. “One of my favorite parts of the Mishnah after-school program was the way that the mishnayos related to our everyday lives,” said eighth grade student Gabriel Khaimov. The students were very appreciative of this special evening. What a great way to end the year!

 By Eyal Traeger, Grade 7