In the Gemara (Bava M’tzia 59a), we learn that since the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash the gates of t’filah have been closed. However, our sages teach us that the power of t’filah from the heart, combined with a complete trust in Hashem and awareness that He is the One in control of the world, can break through all the gates of Heaven, and there is nothing that can stand in its way. There is nothing stronger than prayer with closeness and love of Hashem; it breaks all barriers and can change what has been decreed.

Chazal teach us that after the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed, although the gates of prayer were closed, the gates of tears have remained open. Women are given a special power of prayer – the power of crying. The Gemara cautions us that “One should always be careful about causing pain to his wife, because her tears are frequent and she is easily caused pain.” The power of women has always been to daven with all of their hearts and to cry out with bitter tears to Hashem. David HaMelech said in T’hilim (56:9), “Place my tears in Your flask, into Your record.” Every tear is gathered into a vessel by Hashem and guarded, one by one. There is not a prayer and a tear that does not influence things; it’s not possible that a tear goes to waste.

According to the Gemara, when one davens for the r’fuah (recovery) of his friend, he should include them amongst the other ill people in the Jewish nation, for, as a result, this person will be included in the merits of the broader nation. This will increase his friend’s chance of receiving a r’fuah. In addition, it is brought down in the Talmud: “Kol ha’mispaleil b’ad chaveiro v’hu tzarich l’oso davar, hu ne’eneh t’chilah” – One who prays on behalf of his friend and is in similar straits, he is answered first. Klal Yisrael is like one body, and, therefore, if anyone is sick, we should all feel a certain lack of wholeness. The t’filos that we offer up with compassion on behalf of a fellow Jew, who’s awaiting a similar y’shuah, are more powerful than any Tefilah.

The destruction of the Beis HaMikdash began when the Jewish people abused the power of tears by crying in an inappropriate manner. Hashem’s mercy allowed the gates of tears to remain open. Redemption will only occur when we sincerely beseech Hashem, invoking our tears and our innermost desires to return to Hashem. May we soon merit the day when the tears of sadness will become tears of joy.