Israel, Holy Land

Of beauty and grace,

You possess every gift

Upon the earth’s face,

No matter how parched

Your soil seems to be

From the dusty land flourish,

Dazzling flora and trees,

Charcoal-colored birds

With yellow

Wadjet-framed eyes,

And luminescent-hued doves

Take to the skies,

Self-reliant children

Ride buses

To school on their own,

Play with reckless abandon

On the streets

By their homes;

You won’t hear rap music

Or see much graffiti

Or see people walking


Late at night; on the streets

People and families

Socialize in safety,

Come and go, as they please.

The joyful, gentle music you hear

Through the neighborhood

Means that the Sabbath draws near,

Chimes peal

When 15 minutes remain

To light candles,

Greet contentment,

From all work, abstain.

People ask for help freely,

Step forward,

Get involved,

They care for each other

Until things are resolved,

There are many various,

Social, and religious views,

But these differences

Don’t cause hatred towards you;

Accents and faces

From every country

You can name,

Each a unique component,

Yet, all one and the same,

You have rich and poor


But most find their way

To the middle;

If you have a job,

It’ll all be okay.

The road rises

Through citied valleys

And meadows

To Jerusalem,

The world’s cornerstone,

From where all blessing flows.

Approaching the city,

All worries cease,

A sign welcomes you

Saying: “Shalom,

Go in peace.”

When you pray at the Kotel,

Hashem’s presence is clear

Telling your soul

“I’m listening, I’m here.”

I love you, Israel,

Here, I always feel blessed,

Privileged to be

In G-d’s Holy Land;

Here my heart has found rest.

By Sharon Marcus