Prospective students and their families poured into YSZ High School on Sunday, October 31, to learn about the new high school. There was an excitement and energy in the air.

Mrs. Zerykier, the Menahelet, addressed the crowd: “If there is anything that this week’s parshah can teach us, it is that women have the power to transform a home and a family. It is women who infuse a home with k’dushah and the Sh’chinah. By building our High School, we are creating a makom of Torah and k’dushah. There is nothing more important than investing in the future of girls, the future of am Yisrael. At YSZ HS, we are a place “where Torah inspires, where learning is limitless, where heritage matters, and where every girl belongs.”

Mrs. Zerykier continued to describe the rich academic program – the elective, club, AP, and curricular offerings – and the extensive extracurricular programming. The school offers both honors and non-honors tracks, and each student customizes her own individual schedule.

Families were wowed by the inspirational video, the creativity and professional materials, and, of course, the beautiful new building. The program offered a dizzying array of interactive classes, demonstrations, and activities, and a learning fair for students to experience a taste of what YSZ HS has to offer.

One visitor commented, “You can feel the warmth here. This place is so beautiful. It is so thoughtfully designed, that you can tell that they care about every detail here. It’s incredible!” Other parents inquired about the application process and following up with a school visit and entrance exam. The school is opening its doors with a visiting day on Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11. The Entrance Exam is Sunday, December 5. Potential students must pre-register on the school’s website,

Hodaya Yokobav, a ninth grade student, commented, “I still can’t believe how lucky I am that this is my high school!”