Bais Yaakov of Queens’ fourth grade students are inspired readers! In the beginning of the year, Mrs. Bashevkin’s class began a 20-book challenge, a class contest where each girl is challenged to read 20 books of different genres over the course of the year. For each book or 150 pages completed, they complete a book link, creating a chain of hard work on display in the classroom. Altogether, while they are working toward the class goal, they are also building a class community, rooting for each other, and performing daily computations to figure out how many book links are needed a day in order to reach their next goal.

With this program, girls have expanded their pleasure reading to include non-fiction, historical fiction, poetry, fantasy, mystery, and others. They are discovering the world of books open to them that they may not have realized before that they actually enjoy.

The class’ latest goal is 1,150 book links for the year, and considering they already have 1,025, as well as seeing their motivation and determination, the girls are definitely on track to achieve this goal in addition to the many they’ve already accomplished.