YSZ High School for Girls celebrated Rosh Chodesh Shvat with a tree painting workshop at a local art studio. It was a wonderful, relaxing activity that helped the girls focus and connect as they geared up for an intense two weeks of finals. “We have a very rigorous academic program. We truly want our girls to stretch their limits.  At the same time, it’s important for us to create a well balanced, inspiring and warm program. Everything we do is designed to prepare our girls for the future,” remarked Mrs. Zerykier, the Menahelet.

Mrs Zerykier introduced the activity by telling the girls that the Torah teaches us that a man is like a tree in a field. We can learn so much from trees. As we reflect about the upcoming Rosh Hashana Lilanot, a tree symbolizes so much about who we are as a Jewish people. Rooted in our rich heritage, we know that it is our roots that keep us strong and allow us to stand tall - no matter what winds may come our way. Just as a tree, where each leaf is different from each other, we too appreciate how each of us are unique and change with time. Like our logo, the trees remind us that when rooted firmly in Torah we can stretch our souls towards the heavens.”