Tu BiSh’vat: the birthday of the trees! But wait...looking out the window, the trees don’t look like they are being born; in fact, they actually look quite dreary.

Why do we celebrate Tu BiSh’vat it in the middle of the frigid winter and not in the spring when the trees are blossoming? We explored that very question at our Tu BiSh’vat program at Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion. Even though outside it may look cold and gray, deep inside of the trees, a transformation is taking place. The sap is starting to rise, beginning the process of growth. This teaches us such an important lesson about our growth. We may not see change in ourselves and others right away, but it’s happening, bit by bit, deep inside.

All the girls were treated to exciting Tu BiSh’vat activities. The Pre-1A and the First Grade decorated special picture frames using pastels. The First Grade had a bonus activity of making baskets with dried fruit with Morah Pinkhasov. The Second-Fifth Grades enjoyed making edible flowers with the help of our Eighth-Grade student, Meira Sofiev. The Sixth-Eighth Grade classes participated in Tu BiSh’vat Canvas Painting led by Mrs. Sharon Halali, where each girl proved to have lots of artistic talent!

The pasuk is brought down: “Tree, how can I bless you? Your fruits are already sweet, and you already provide shade... I will bless you that your offspring should be as sweet as you are.” This brachah is extended to each and every parent. Each YSZ student is growing, flourishing, and reaching new heights, and we can’t wait to watch them grow!