Learning in Bnos Malka Academy’s preschool is always fun, exciting, and authentic. During the “In Our Neighborhood” theme, students learned about all the different types of community helpers we rely on and the various places in a community. The big idea that teachers focused on with students was how we all rely on each other when we live in a community and we work together for the good of everyone in the community.

To make the learning come to life, both Pre-1a classes were treated to a special visit by Fireman Baruch Rothman, who is also a proud Bnos Malka parent! Fireman Rothman taught the girls all about fire prevention and fire safety. The girls were amazed with all of his gear that he showed them, and were so excited when they got to try some of it on! (What a kiddush Hashem seeing a “Thank you Hashem!” sticker on Fireman Rothman’s helmet!) Of course, no fire safety session would be complete without... Stop, Drop, and Roll! Thank you, Fireman Rothman, for taking time to come and teach the Bnos Malka preschool about this important topic in a real, hands-on way.