Central has the unique opportunity of being part of the Yeshiva University family. Last week, the Senior class had the opportunity to visit the Beren Campus at Stern College in Midtown Manhattan, followed by a visit to the YU Seforim Sale, in Washington Heights at the Wilf Campus. They were welcomed at the Stern Beren campus with a tour, a student panel featuring Central alumnae, and lunch. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to see former Central students and ask them questions about what their experience has been like at Stern College. This trip provided them with insight on what the college experience at YU is really like,” said Mrs. Rena Boord, Director of College Guidance at Central.

Afterward, they headed to the Wilf Campus for a shiur with Dr. Deena Rabinovich, mother of Central’s Dean of Students Mrs. Aliza Gewirtz, and time to browse and shop at the acclaimed Seforim Sale before boarding the buses and heading back to the Queens campus (a.k.a. Central!). Talia Hazan, a senior from Queens who plans to attend Stern College, said, “It was so exciting to see the incredible curriculum and opportunities that Stern has to offer. A highlight from the trip was hearing the inspiring shiur from Dr. Deena Rabinovich.” This annual trip provided the students with many special opportunities and interactions with staff and students on both campuses.