Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe recently completed the fifth year of its after-school Mishnayos Program in memory of the three teenage k’doshim of the summer of 2014. Over 75 boys participated in the program on a weekly basis throughout the year and completed Maseches Shabbos.

On Tuesday evening, May 28, the boys came together with their parents for a s’udas siyum on the mishnayos. Rabbi Hersh Kasirer, who taught the weekly Mishnayos Program, imparted a final mishnah and was m’sayeim Maseches Shabbos. Rabbi Kasirer wished the boys Mazal Tov on learning 139 mishnayos and praised them for following through on the commitment that they made in the beginning of the year. After the main course was served, keynote speaker Rabbi Yechiel Spero, who spoke at the first siyum in 2015, was introduced. Rabbi Spero opened his remarks by expressing the warmth he felt upon his arrival in the Yeshiva and applauded the Yeshiva for continuing the limud mishnayos and the yahrzeit siyum. Rabbi Spero spoke about how powerful emunah and bitachon are, and presented a few amazing stories to reinforce the message. Rabbi Spero also spoke about the fact that the 75 boys’ weekly learning is in itself a tremendous message of the chashivus of limud haTorah. The Yeshiva thanks all those who sponsored the siyum.

On Sunday morning, the siyum participants were treated to a trip as a reward for their weekly participation in the Mishnayos Program. Buses arrived at the Yeshiva and the boys excitedly boarded and headed off to Baltimore. The first part of the day found some of the boys in Camden Yards. The sixth grade boys experienced a significant travel delay and went bowling upon their arrival in Baltimore. The boys continued on to Yeshivas Ner Yisroel for the second part of the day. The boys discussed interesting sh’eilos in halachah and hashkafah with Rav Shragi Neuberger, one of the roshei yeshivah. On Thursday, the boys in the sixth grade finally made it to a ballgame and watched the Mets win at Citi Field.

May the learning of the Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe students be an aliyas neshamah for Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal.