On the Day of Remembrance, HANC, along with Jews all over the world, honored the soldiers who risked, and lost their lives, for us and Israel. Every year, Morah Aronowitz and her class put on a meaningful production to educate and remember those who perished. Combined with the effort of Morah Aronowitz, Mrs. Fredman, and her students, the day was impactful and tapped into all who listened. The stories of Shawn, who was a soldier who wrote letters before the war, and lost his life in the process, the songs and instruments played by students, and the deep poems that touched everyone’s hearts. Thinking about all the parents who lost their children, and all the children who lost their parents, and everyone who may have lost a friend or someone they were close to. Although it was a day to remember, and a hard period to recall, it was extremely important. Many of us may not know of someone who was lost during that time, but every one of us was hit with each powerful word as we commemorated the heroes of the past.