Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe’s 7th and 8th grade boys had the privilege of being addressed by Rabbi Shmuel Marcus, the rav of the Young Israel of Queens Valley. Rabbi Marcus spoke about the value of perseverance and resilience. The rabbi told an inspirational story of a blind boy, who after several failed attempts, managed to win the Chidon HaTanach. The 5th and 6th graders heard an amazing story from Rabbi Becker about a soldier’s attitude of taking life’s challenges one problem at a time.

After the motivating speeches, Rabbi Levine awarded medals to those students who qualified for High Five Honor Roll. Boys who displayed proper derech eretz and effort throughout the entire year during afternoon classes proudly wore their medals for the remainder of the day. This recognition reinforces the importance of not only Torah learning, but of derech eretz kadmah l’Torah.

The mesibah concluded with an energized and exciting raffle for those boys who participated in extra learning programs. The energy and inspiration the boys received at these celebrations will, b’ezras Hashem, carry them through the summer and beyond.