On Wednesday, August 31, just a few days before the kickoff of the official school year, the incoming seventh grade students were invited to a special meet-and-greet orientation. There were two parts to the program. In one part, the students participated in an “icebreaker” activity with Rabbi Dworetsky, Mrs. Morey, and Mrs. Steiner. The activity focused on some “get to know you” silly questions to help the students feel more comfortable in the building and become acquainted with the social work support staff who will help each student adjust to middle school life. The other part consisted of Rabbi Hecht going over a typical day in HANC Middle School. He included the procedures that the students would need to follow in order to make the school run efficiently and to allow for the best possible experience. The orientation concluded with the students having pizza and socializing with their friends. There was a sense of excitement in the air about beginning a new chapter in their education.