All grades of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe have begun the school year with much excitement. The Yamim Tovim was on the minds of students and educators in all grades.

In Morah Batsheva’s Pre-1A, the boys spent the last two weeks learning about Rosh HaShanah, discussing the month of Elul, and spoke about the three special mitzvos done in preparation for a sweet new year: t’shuvah, t’filah, and tzedakah. The boys learned that the shofar is blown 100 times on each day of Rosh HaShanah, where it comes from, and the names of its different sounds. Additionally, the students glued different sized strips of colored foam onto a paper to help visualize the three sounds blown by the ba’al tokeia. Rabbi Bookson treated the boys to their own shofar blowing, where everyone listened intently to the various sounds! In Morah Libby’s Pre-1A, the boys spent the last two weeks learning all about bees and honey in conjunction with Rosh HaShanah and the delicious honey we enjoy. First, they started with the question, “where does honey come from?” After reading some books about bees and how they make honey, the boys gained a lot of insight into the busy day of a bee. Did you know that bees slurp up nectar from flowers with their very long tongue? Then, they carry the nectar back to fill the honeycomb inside the hive. The boys learned that this nectar dries to become honey! The class also learned the parts of a bee, and were amazed at Hashem’s wisdom in creating such a smart insect.

Rabbi Zlotnick’s second graders have defied the axiom of kol ha’tekhalos kashos, defined as all beginnings are hard. The talmidim are excelling with finesse, as they leap from one pasuk a day like last year in first grade to sometimes, now even three daily. Before each pasuk, the class is reminded to access their dikduk skills (prefix, suffix, plural, etc.) and put them to use. The rhythm and momentum are soaring. Currently, practically every single talmid has volunteered to read pasukim aloud, allowing their inhibitions to fade. Between the Yamim Tovim, the acclimation to a new school year, and some fresh chemistry, these talmidim are surpassing their expectations. 

Mrs. Rosenberg’s fourth graders (4L) are rocking and rolling while they flex their brain muscles. After getting to know one another and acclimating to a new classroom environment, the class began a Growth Mindset Unit by studying what it means for us to have a healthy brain. The class came to the realization that words have a huge impact on our mindset. Then, the class learned about the brain, with a focus on the neurons and strong pathways and even made pathways with pipe cleaners to have a better understanding of their workings.

Rabbi Levine’s fifth grade has accomplished much in a short two weeks. After an introduction to gemarah and Torah she ba’al peh, the talmidim finished the first mishnah and already started learning gemarah! The energy was felt while the boys read the sacred text of the gemarah, discussed, and debated its concepts. The class spoke of and demonstrated how fruit that has fallen cannot fall in a specific formation to be a simon. Thank you to Pinny Wiener for being our “official fruit-dropper.” In Chumash, the class started with parshas Achrei Mos, learning about the avodah of Yom Kippur and connected it to the avodah we mention in mussaf on Yom Kippur.

Mrs. Senft’s sixth grade is off to an incredible start developing teamwork skills. The class reviewed their math skills with a variety of hands-on and enjoyable challenges, including Number Mastermind, the 1 to 100 challenge, and multiple cup challenge.