From Pre-1A and onward, the talmidim at Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe geared up for Sukkos. The boys in Morah Libby’s Pre-1A enjoyed science class and the special lesson that coincided with esrogim. During circle time, the class spoke about what an esrog is, how it looks, feels, and smells, and then compared it to a lemon as the boys discussed similarities and differences! The boys learned how an esrog tree grows, what makes it kosher, and Morah Libby shared photographs of a real esrog farm! They learned how the esrog shown in class was not kosher because the pitum broke off. They also got a close look at an esrog from last year and saw how Hashem makes it shrivel and turn dark orange. Using magnifying glasses, the boys got to take an up-close look at an esrog and lemon. Then, the boys cut open the esrog and lemon to look inside!

Rabbi Kiffel’s first grade got a lot of “calendar” exposure. With a child-friendly coloring calendar, the talmidim got insight to help differentiate between Sukkos, Chol HaMoed, Hoshanah Rabbah, Shmini Atzeres, and Simchas Torah. It’s a lot to bite off in one gulp, but their user-friendly material certainly helped.

Rabbi Morgenstern’s second graders worked together to build their own completely kosher sukkah! The boys did it all from putting up the frame, measuring and putting up the walls, to the s’chach, and the decorations too. Rabbi Rennert’s second grade virtually put together, with cut-out forms, a true replica of the lulav and esrog in anticipation of the opportunity to be m’kayem the mitzvah in true form. Rabbi Zlotnick’s second grade celebrated a coincidental siyum on Maseches Sukkah completed by student Aryeh Becker prior to the chag.

Rabbi Jakubovics’ third graders learned with the mikoros from the p’sukim how Chag HaSukkos is Chag HaAsif, which is Z’man Simchasaynu. Rabbi Lapp’s fourth grade class assembled a beautiful ushpizin decoration to greet their Yom Tov guests and the Ushpizin that visit their sukkah.

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