Hadar Bet Yaakov talmidos hosted their annual Open House this past Sunday, with students divided into groups of outdoor and indoor welcoming committees replete with balloons and music. Other groups organized into registration teams, while others walked parents to mini-classes and panel activities.  Teachers greeted and socialized with parents over coffee and pastries, followed by administrators’ welcome remarks and presentation of curriculum and school activities.

“Mrs. Port’s class was so informative,” remarked a parent upon leaving her mini-workshop on the importance of sleep.  “My daughter and I took the sleep survey at the beginning of the class and laughed about how many answers we knew showed bad sleep habits!” Other mini-classes included a math class where participants cut through three dimensional figures to relate them to two-dimensional shapes, and a Sephardi halacha class that demonstrated how to make tea on Shabbat.

The candy charcuterie board activity was the high point of the morning for 8th grade girls.  Parents and daughters separated for their own activities and girls went to the gym for music, G.O. dancing, and assembling their own boards.  Parents met with administrators, teachers, and HBY parents so they could ask questions while eighth graders met with HBY high school girls so they could really get a real feel for the school.

“We’re the Sephardic community’s girls’ high school,” Rabbi Robenov told the audience. “We are here for you and for your girls to assure they are given a top education in both lemudei kodesh and general studies.  We give our girls a host of empowering activities that promote growth and enable them to take a proactive part in making a life of Torah their own.”

By Shoshanna Friedman