The Hishtadeil Lihyos Ish Midos Program began at BYQ with an introductory assembly for grades 1-8. The very talented moros presented an exceptional musical play entitled CHAnnie. There was not a sound in the room as the lessons of midos tovos came to life in a clear, entertaining, and humorous way.

Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, began the assembly by reciting a perek of T’hilim and expressing hakaras ha’tov to those involved. Rabbi Mordechai Ginsparg, Menahel, addressed the girls, teaching a lesson from the parshah, as well as telling a story about Rebbetzin Kanievsky, emphasizing the importance of sensitivity and caring for others.

Following the performance, Mrs. Elisa Taub, program coordinator, introduced this year’s midos journal contest for grades 3-8. The contest is called the YOU ARE A STAR contest, and each midah cycle, the two classes that win the raffle will receive a star cookie celebration! She then introduced the midah of the week and the important points to work on. There was a tremendous feeling of ruach and achdus as the girls joined along in the already familiar weekly announcement.

The assembly culminated with all the girls standing up and singing the Tav Shin Pei Gimmel theme song with the motions. The smiles on their faces were contagious and the positive energy reverberated throughout the gym.

Special thank you to those involved: Mrs. Finkey Levine, Mrs. Elisheva Chait, Mrs. Chedva Abrahamson, and Mrs. Yocheved Jurkowitz. A tremendous yasher koach to the wonderful morah actresses: Mrs. Tehilla Ben-Ari, Mrs. Mindy Deitsch, Mrs. Bina Kasirer, Mrs. Amanda Rosenfelt, Mrs. Elisa Taub, and Miss Devorah Wangrofsky.

What an amazing beginning to our exciting midos program! We are looking forward to seeing continuous growth in our students as we work on inculcating midos tovos in them.