The Grade 6 girls of the Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) learned and celebrated together with faculty and family at a wonderful Bas Mitzvah Workshop held on Wednesday night, November 17. Thank you, Morah Leemor Abraham, for leading the event, and thank you to all the attendees who made this evening lively and meaningful.

YCQ’s Grade 7 boys had a marvelous Bar Mitzvah Workshop on Tuesday night, November 22. Rabbi Landsman, Principal of the Yeshiva of Central Queens, reported, “When a child becomes a bar mitzvah, we make him a ceremony. This ceremony, even if made on a small scale, demonstrates to the child the significance of his new status in the Jewish nation. He is now privileged to be fully obligated in mitzvos and is entitled to reap the benefits of the Torah.” Rabbi Ephraim Bernstein created an inspirational and exciting evening, with dinner and dancing, for the bar mitzvah students and their families.

YCQ Bar and Bat Mitzvah Workshops are exceptional. “We pride ourselves on establishing guidelines to ensure that the ceremony is appropriate and inclusive of all the child’s friends,” Rabbi Landsman, stated. “The bar and bat mitzvah events highlight the significance of celebrating the transmission of our heritage to the next generation. We cannot be prouder of our parents and students for their outstanding commitment to living a life of Torah and mitzvos.” Morah Leemor Abraham designed a meaningful and spirited event, with dinner and dancing, for the bas mitzvah students and their families.