The girls in Ms. Eskenazi’s third grade class at Yeshivat Ohr Haiim completed their Social Studies chapter on Timelines. They put their new skills to use in a meaningful culminating project. Each girl made a timeline of her life so far. Each girl had to choose six to eight important events from her life. They asked their families for the dates and details when needed.

This project had each of the families of the girls enjoying and reliving special times, as the girls enjoyed hearing stories about themselves, some of which they were even too young to remember. “I learned that I was brave when I was little,” shared Eliana. It was then time to draw a timeline onto their oaktags. The girls each wrote their special moments in chronological order onto the timeline, added the date, as well as including a picture for each event. They continued with artistically decorating the oaktags with much creativity. Finally, the project was completed with each girl having the opportunity to practice and enhance her public speaking skills by giving an oral presentation to the class.

Mazal, a student, chimed in, “I want to do this project again in a few years so I can add new events on my timeline.” Another student, Yanna, added, “I loved hearing stories about myself from when I was little.” It was clear to see that The Timeline project was both fun and interesting for the students and their parents.

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