Chanukah in MTA was epic! With incredible programing throughout the week, the talmidim and faculty enjoyed the festive atmosphere and took chizuk from a beautiful yom tov.

On Monday, talmidim and faculty showed up in their best Chanukah sweaters for a contest to see who wore their sweaters best, and they enjoyed delicious sufganiyot.

On Tuesday, the ninth grade enjoyed the annual Freshman Frenzy, a chance to relax and play some sports with friends and rebbeim. Tuesday also saw shiurim enjoying lunch together, catered by Carlos and Gabby’s. Some shiurim took their lunch on the road and visited some of the fine dining establishments around Manhattan.

On Wednesday morning, the whole yeshivah enjoyed a bagel breakfast and, after shiur, there was a lineup and latkes, another opportunity to enjoy quality time with friends and rebbeim and fulfill the custom of eating fried foods.

The grand finale came on Thursday, when the yeshivah enjoyed a leibedig chagigah with Yossi Newman. The dancing was exuberant and the refreshments delicious, and at the end of the festivities every talmid walked away with a new piece of MTA apparel, a little Chanukah gift from MTA.