On Shabbos, Parshas VaYigash, Shevach High School enjoyed a beautiful and uplifting Shabbaton at the Lakehouse Hotel. The girls were inspired by the theme of “Shifchi ka’mayim libeich nochach p’nei Hashem,” with many renowned speakers who brought to life the meaning and importance behind t’filah.

Shevach Menaheles Mrs. Shulamith Insel introduced the theme of the Shabbaton. She shared beautiful messaging focusing on how t’filah is truly a relationship with Hashem, emphasizing that we can ask Hashem for even the most seemingly trivial things in our lives. Sought-after speaker and mohel Rabbi Paysach Krohn shared many captivating stories and insights on how to make t’filah your own. The Rosh HaYeshivah of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt, highlighted the unique connection that women have to t’filah and the enormous impact that it can have. Rabbi Avraham Swerdloff, magid shiur in Yeshivas Telshe Riverdale, elaborated on how we can use both the words of t’filah and our own words when we daven.

The Shevach girls, as well, after each meal, delivered thought-provoking divrei Torah. A highlight of the Shabbaton was the eagerly awaited Teachers’ Panel, in which the teachers and principals shared personal thoughts and life experiences pertaining to the Shabbaton theme. As Shabbos drew to a close, the girls also enjoyed a Student Panel, in which seniors shared their thoughts and tips on making t’filah more meaningful.

The Shabbaton was truly motivating. In the words of a Shevach junior, “The Shabbaton really impacted me, especially the workshops, which taught me a lot about the power of t’filah.” A freshman commented, “The Shabbaton was an opportunity for me to spend time with my teachers and friends, while at the same time focusing on how we can grow in t’filah and strengthen our connection to Hashem.”

In addition to being inspirational, the girls had a blast with fun activities, engaging workshops, and enjoyable games. Everyone had the opportunity to connect with teachers and friends throughout the Shabbos. On Motza’ei Shabbos, the student body was treated to an exciting activity by “Dance with Confidance,” where they had fun with trampolines, hula-hoops, and more. The night ended with an uplifting kumsitz and a beautiful melaveh malkah.

The Shevach students all enjoyed taking part in this meaningful Shabbaton and were sad to leave the Shabbaton behind, but the inspiration they gained will last a lifetime. Yasher koach to the dedicated staff who helped make this Shabbaton happen, in particular: Mrs. Shulamith Insel, Mrs. Devorah Kovitz, and Mrs. Debbie Meltzer. Kudos also to the Shabbaton heads: Sara Bracha Delman, Shilat Gavrielov, Sarah Esther Grey, Aby Pinkhasov, and Elisheva Yusopov – and to the G.O. heads: Eliana Deil, Esther Greenfield, Aviva Robinson, Chana Tova Kasirer, and Ella Marcus – for all their hard work. The girls surely can’t wait for Shabbaton 5784!