On Sunday, March 5, SKA participated in the annual Yeshiva League Model Congress hosted by HAFTR, along with students from all over the tri-state area. Over the course of the day, preparation from the weeks leading up to the event was displayed through numerous speeches, questions on the proposed bills, and the resolutions that were debated.

The SKA students played prominent roles in the action of the day. Yasher koach to Libby Benjamini, Annabelle Engel, Tamara Fuchs, Chaya Furst, Ruth Ginsburg, Tali Goodstein, Chani Heimowitz, Navi Hurwitz, Batya Kimyagarov, Hadassa Klahr, Tamar Lewin, Rachel Loike, Sarah Owadeya, Tamar Pinchasov, Sima Romima Shakoui, Sima Ross, Daphna Steinmetz, and Yael Szlafrok, as well as Presiding Officers Avigail Nassir, Ariana Rossman, Avital Sojcher, and Tzipora Witner.

Congratulations to Sima Ross and Batya Kimyagarov who were placed as winners in the delegation, as well as Sarah Owadeya, Ruth Ginsburg, and Rachel Lokie, who won in their committee!

The event was a great success for SKA, as the girls exemplified their dedication and secured their rank as the outstanding second-best school overall! A huge thank you goes out to Coach Shani Butler and Captain Batya Kimyagarov who, through their endless support, led SKA’s Model Congress Team to victory.

By Avigail Nassir ’25