MTA talmidim have the unique opportunity to come to yeshivah for a night of revelry and fun following Megillah reading and an incredible break-fast. First, MTA talmidim enjoy a chagigah in the MTA gym, where they can dance with friends and rebbeim while getting into the spirit of Purim.

After the high school chagigah concluded, MTA talmidim, along with their rebbeim, made their way over to the Max Stern Athletic Center for the annual Yeshiva University Purim Chagigah. The YU Purim Chagigah is renowned for its lively atmosphere, and MTA talmidim are privileged to participate. While the music and dancing are enough of a draw, the opportunity to celebrate Purim with the Roshei Yeshiva of YU makes this opportunity particularly special.

The celebration did not end after the chagigah had concluded. On Purim day, talmidim visited their rebbeim, delivering mishloach manos and sharing in the simchah of Purim with their rebbeim.