Mercaz Academy sixth grade students designed, created, and ran an exciting and engaging Purim Carnival for the rest of the school on Shushan Purim. Enthusiastic students hopped from booth to booth, participating in Purim-themed activities like “Haman Tossin’,” “One-on-One Basketball Challenge: Mordechai vs. Haman,” hamantash baking, “Pin the Hat on Haman,” and “Vashti Pimple Pop” (which involved lollipops, not blemishes). One particularly popular game of skill involved tossing a beanbag to knock over a bucket of “garbage” on Haman’s head, and participants enthusiastically cheered every time the bucket went over.

Students traded in the tickets they won at each booth for a prize at the end of the session, and everyone enjoyed a Shushan Purim samei’ach!