On Thursday, May 11, Bnos Malka Academy hosted the Michael and Irina Kimyagarov Math Tournament. Seventh and eighth grade girls from the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach and the Yeshiva of New Jersey, accompanied by their respective coaches, participated in both individual and team competitions with their counterparts from Bnos Malka.

Despite the high level of math and the intensity of the problem-solving, the atmosphere was friendly and collaborative. At the completion of each round, Mrs. Irina Kimyagarov would review the more challenging questions and, working together with the girls, arrive at the solution.

Mrs. Yafa Lamm, Lower School Program Coordinator at the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education, was in attendance and remarked, “The joy, excitement, anticipation, and comradery were truly palpable. It was wonderful to see girls from both New York and New Jersey communities come together and compete in a very meaningful way. I am looking forward to next year’s competition.”