On Wednesday, December 27, the students of Shevach High School were privileged to hear from Rabbi Menachem Nissel, acclaimed author and speaker and m’chaneich in Eretz Yisrael. His new book, about his rebbe, Rav Moshe Shapira, has just been published by Feldheim. It is an insight into the teaching of a great gadol who was Rabbi Nissel’s own rebbe and mentor.

Rabbi Nissel painted a picture of what will be when Mashiach comes. With humor and anecdotes, he explained that as much as things will remain the same, things will change. Every person will be in control of all things physical and reach consistently for a spiritual reality. And the motivating force to make this happen is our t’filah, our prayers every day.

Another aspect of those times will be the unity among the Jewish people. We have begun to see that unity in our own times, unfortunately through the negative experience of the Israel-Hamas War, which is still raging. Nevertheless, the world will be like an orchestra playing one song – the song that proclaims that G-d is one. Even the non-Jewish world will embrace this message. Our connection now to that spiritual side can make this happen.

May it be speedily in our days.