SKA’S Freshman Class of 2025 enjoyed an exciting day-long bonding experience at Camp Kaylie on Wednesday, October 6.

The Freshman Retreat, on the beautiful campgrounds, was filled with divrei Torah, games and activities, delicious meals, and much good fellowship. It was an incredible way to solidify friendships that had begun in the new school year, and to foster relationships with faculty and administrators alike.

The teambuilding activities – Balloon Tower, Tie-Dye, Minute to Win It, See Build Run, and a variety of sports – contributed to the sense of unity felt by the entire grade as was s’mores outside by the firepit in the cool autumn evening. A highlight of the day was a special writing session in which the girls wrote to themselves! The Freshmen composed memos to their twelfth-grade selves of what they hoped to achieve during their high school years; the letters would be opened during their Senior year.

The ninth graders were joined by Judaic Studies Principal Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Director of Student Programs Rabbi Yosef Zakutinsky, their grade-level advisors Mrs. Rikki Ash, Mrs. Tzippy Calm, and Mrs. Sheila Leibtag, social worker Ms. Lisa Fogel, SKA’s Student Council advisor Ms. Sydney Daitch, and Council students. SKA’s Student Council members went up the night before to prepare for the event and decorate the camp, and they generated so much excitement for the retreat. Thanks to their efforts and those of the administration and faculty, SKA’s newest students had a meaningful and entertaining experience.