In the Fall of 2018 I wrote an article called Medicare Myths, “Who Not to Ask for Medicare Advice.” The article initiated several inquiries and clients. For reference, Google Medicare Myths Who Not to Ask for Medicare Advice by Robert Remin.  Last month I had the perfect storm scenario confirming Myth 5 so you will know “Who Ya Gonna Call” for Medicare advice.

A life insurance referral partner of mine referred me a Financial Adviser aka F/A who wanted Medicare advice for his mother. The F/A explained that his mother heard that the expensive ‘Medigap” plan costing her about $300.00/month was less from another carrier. My response. “Mom is 100% correct.  The savings will be about $15.00-$20.00/mo. from another carrier if she wants to change.”

Keep in mind, all “Medigap,” or as I like to call them Supplement/Gap plans, are exactly the same in every state except MA. MN. and WI. 

Next is where the real fun begins. I suggested and explained in detail via phone call and email to the F/A instead of saving $15.00-20.00/mo. each month his mom could switch to the High Deductible (HD) version of the exact same plan she was on and save hundreds per month with her total cost risk per plan year being less than what she is currently paying whether she changes carriers or not.

In addition, I explained her Health Risk on the High Deductible (HD) version is exactly the same as the high cost plan as all “Medigap” Supplement/Gap plans which the HD version is one are exactly the same in all states except the three I listed above.

Now the crux of “Who Ya Gonna Call” per the email exchanges I had with the F/A.

From F/A-my mom said she has a friend that switched to same plan my mom is on (Mom is paying about 300.00/mo.) for 185.00 per month? Is this a thing? She is skeptical of the HD plan.

My response-Mom’s friend “incorrect.” Friend is referring to a different “Medigap” plan… I also explained again the HD plan is Medicare government regulated so no need to be skeptical… I suggest your mom stops asking friends for Medicare advice-Sent F/A link to Medicare Myths article.

To be transparent the F/A was not happy with “mom stop speaking or asking friends” suggestion but that is the entire point of the Medicare Myths articles I have written, which is I can count on one hand the other non-Medicare certified Licensed Insurance Professionals, F/A’s. CPA’s, CFP’s, Trust and Estate Attorneys, Social Workers, LMSW’s, LCSW’s... professionals I have met or spoken to that can give unbiased and accurate Medicare advice as their business models respectively are 99.99% focused on: other insurance, assets under management, crunching numbers, legal issues, other client health issues…

“Who Ya Gonna Call”

Robert Remin is an independent agent licensed and certified with all the pertinent Medicare carriers in the New York, NJ, and Ct.  As an unbiased resource, Robert’s only goal is to give you accurate and appropriate advice for your situation. For any questions, or a cost-free consultation, contact him at 914-629-1753 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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