On Sunday morning, June 26, the weather in Forest Hills was picture-perfect for a lavish hachnasas sefer Torah celebration. The Chabad of Forest Hills North, under the direction of Rabbi Mendy Hecht and his wife, coordinated the grand event held in an expansive tent at the Touro College/Bnos Malka parking lot on 112th Street. A delicious hot dairy buffet was catered by Main Street Appetizing. Friends and relatives came from far and wide to celebrate alongside the Fischman family for the festivities.

Following the writing of the final letter, the crowd participated in a joyous Grand Torah Parade that included an extravagant Torah truck with live music and a gigantic crown at its top. Men and their sons and grandsons, and women and their daughters and granddaughters, all took part in the spirited dancing that followed down to Queens Boulevard and looped back around. Together with flaming torches and flags designed for this event, the new Torah scroll was welcomed with open arms. The procession even met folks from a nearby senior residence. The elders were so grateful to the rav for taking the time to stop by to have them participate in the mitzvah. Along the way, in true Chabad fashion, all walks of life recorded the program; many had yet to ever witness such a momentous event.

The scroll was eventually welcomed with lively hakafos to the Chabad FHN headquarters on 70th Road and 110th Street. Much appreciation is extended to the “Queens Borough Safety Patrol – Shmira” and to the NYPD officers of the 112th Precinct for ensuring safety at every step along the way.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein