Cancel culture has claimed another victory. The woke have been targeting the family unit for years. Society is held together by a strong family cohesiveness. It has been the backbone of civilization, but cancel culture couldn’t care less.

In 1960, there were on average 2.33 children per family in America under age 18. In 2022, there were only 1.94 children per family. This will lead to a decline in population. In Israel, the fertility rate is one of the highest in the developed world, at 3.1 per family. This is actually a drop from 4.25 in 1955. Israel’s population is predicted to be 15 million by 2050. I personally think it will happen sooner and as a result, Israel should be allowed to expand its communities in Judea and Samaria significantly to accommodate such change. This point gets little air time even though it is a crucial matter.

The latest rage to upset family values is “gender dysphoria.” The case of Prisha Mosley featured in the New York Post on March 16 is elucidating. “The 25-year-old Mosley is transitioning back to being a woman after, she said, she was failed by medical professionals who led her down the path to testosterone injections and a double mastectomy by age 18. “Mosley said she was rushed through gender transition after being convinced - by activists and therapists - that being born in the wrong body was at the root of all her problems.” “I don’t think people should be allowed to take this experimental medicine and do these experimental surgeries until they’re 25, when the brain is fully developed,” Mosley said.

Because of individuals like Prisha Mosley, there has been an outcry against minors with “gender dysphoria” from being subjected to medication and procedures that are life-changing and irreversible.

The Florida Board of Medicine joined seven other states enacting a rule that bars minors from starting puberty blockers or hormone therapy and prohibits minors from receiving “gender-affirming” operations. I believe many other states will enact such rules.

The concept of “gender dysphoria” has had a devastating effect on many families. Prisha Mosley’s story is not uncommon.

In Israel, Sheba Hospital received a large donation, estimated to be around $30 million, to build a ward for “gender-affirming and re-assignment” surgeries. Sheba Hospital itself “proudly” and unabashedly proclaims that it is the only hospital in Israel where someone can get “sex reassignment surgery,” and Israel’s National Gender Reassignment Board is headquartered there.

Israel’s Medical Boards should step in and follow Florida’s lead to ban the use of “puberty blockers” and sex reassignment surgery on minors.

Family values remains the most important ingredient in the health of a nation. The persistent onslaught on family values by woke activists will only cause harm and duress to any country that does not stop them. Parents, particularly, have to wake up to the perils ahead.

Warren S. Hecht is a local attorney. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.