Being involved in an auto collision can be a terrifying ordeal that no one should ever experience. But the reality is that many of us are forced to deal with mending the dings, and restoring our cars, vans, and trucks to their former glory. But who wants to deal with the chaos after a smash? The answer is simple: WreckItNYC Autobody Shop.

WreckItNYC just wants you to sit back and relax as they take on all the intensive labor. As experts in collision repair, WreckItNYC is the easy answer to your vehicle worries, taking care of all the major work in-house. No matter what kind of car you have, WreckItNYC has a broad range of experience from low-end to luxury vehicles, giving customers the biggest bang for the buck and spending the least out of pocket.

“What a pleasure to have my car picked up and delivered,” explained Yochanan B. WreckItNYC always has the customer in mind, alleviating the major burden of transport with free pick up and drop off of the vehicle. “Everything was completed as promised,” concluded Yochanan.

To have a job fulfilled on the day guaranteed is an accomplishment in and of itself. By and large, auto body shops end up tacking on additional days from their original estimation of a completion date.

“My car was completed on the day it was supposed to,” stated Yair C., a returning WreckItNYC client. “All the necessary repairs that were promised to be done were finished,” added Yair. Ask around and you will learn that those who give in cars for repair are often hit with newfound problems that not only incur added fees and an extended timeframe but makes it feel like the vehicle owner is being taken advantage of. WreckItNYC is a well-oiled facility that prides itself on customer satisfaction with the most amenities available.

WreckItNYC is also known as the insurance experts. Every accident results in dealing with one’s auto insurance company, and nobody can communicate with better ease than the folks at WreckItNYC. Best of all, WreckItNYC covers the insurance deductible! Now, how can you go wrong with that offer? The choice is clear – WreckItNYC is your vehicle’s next fix-it-up destination.

This was was confirmed by Yair D., who experienced a very complicated problem with his insurance company. “The amazing team at WreckItNYC not only dealt with and resolved my complex insurance issue, but also ensured that the body work was fulfilled perfectly.

WreckItNYC has built a long-standing relationship with the Queens community, working on collisions from the smallest scratch to largest mishap. Take advantage of their array on accessibilities to make your situation go smoothly.

WreckItNYC Autobody Shop is located at 215-26 Jamaica Avenue, Queens Village, NY 11428. Reach out to Joseph at 917-207-5742, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein