Rav Gav Friedman, an educator at Aish HaTorah Jerusalem, brought out the Orthodox Jewish young adults of Great Neck this past Wednesday, August 10, on behalf of the Chazaq organization.   The program, entitled “The Power of Tu B’Av,” was perfectly suitable for the eager audience seeking inspiration from the rav who had made a trip to the States for Tish’ah B’Av programming.

   Torah Ohr Hebrew Academy, on Middle Neck Road, under the leadership of its mara d’asra Rabbi Avraham Kohan, often hosts lectures.   Nonetheless, filling the venue to capacity is a remarkable feat.   The riveting class was sponsored by Israeli activists Dr.  Paul and Drora Brody, commemorating the eleventh yahrzeit of Mrs.  Bea Brody (Baila bas R’ Yaakov Aryeh a”h) on Erev Tish’ah B’Av.   The program was also dedicated in memory of Rachamim ben Habib z”l.   Mrs.  Brody, together with her beloved husband Harvey z”l, were early pillars of the Kew Gardens Hills Orthodox Jewish community.   The Brodys joined together with their daughter Limor, son Joey, and close friends Dr.  Meyer Abittan and Fred Shaw.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein, photos by Fred Shaw