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Whenever a major incident happens in the Jewish community, the political fallout is inevitable. It’s in our DNA. We seem not to be able to be happy unless we can get embroiled in a good argument. The near-tragic hostage situation in Colleyville, Texas, this past Shabbos was no exception.

Last week, my wife and I traveled to Houston to spend time with our children and grandchildren. On the way there, at LaGuardia Airport, we naturally had to spend time on the security line. (People forget that the whole need for airport security originated thanks to the PLO, a gift to the world.) While on a rather long line, one of the TSA agents announced that the next to be searched should be female.

I recall sometime in the early 1980s hearing about a new term “palimony.” That was a term used when celebrities lived with each other but did not bother marrying, and then demanded spousal support upon divorce. I remember thinking to myself, What is this world coming to? Can it be that depraved people live sinfully with each other and yet want recognition of marriage when it comes to financial settlements?

My column last week, “Orthodoxy On Ice,” raised a handful of eyebrows. From the few critical or questioning comments I received, I think it was understood and appreciated by most but misunderstood by some. I would like to clarify my position on sports in Orthodox life, as I believe the subject is an important one.

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