Colors: Green Color

Melanie Phillips is a highly respected, conservative-leaning journalist in the UK. She had a very Jewish background, though not Orthodox, to the best of my knowledge. She has written for The Guardian, the New Statesman, The Times of London, and is periodically featured in The Jerusalem Post.

This Monday morning from Chicago, where I am for a dedication to my parents a”h, I called my doctor’s office in Manhattan to fill a prescription. The message I received was that the doctor’s office is closed for a holiday. For a second, I had to think... What holiday is it? Oh, yes... it’s Juneteenth! It marks the day when the scourge of slavery was formally abolished.

King Solomon, in Proverbs (Mishlei 27:2), declares, “Y’halelcha zar v’lo picha,” which means: “Let another praise you, not your own mouth.” Some chasidim, in somewhat cute fashion, understand this pithy saying with a twist: “Let another praise you; but if not, then let it be your own mouth.”