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 About ten years ago, I toured a duck farm on Long Island. This farm raised ducks from hatchlings until ready for slaughter. The OU used this farm for duck sh’chitah, so I thought it would be interesting to visit, even though I was not at all involved in sh’chitah.

I have been on the phone with my daughter in Houston this week. The situation there is bizarre beyond words. Houston this time of year is usually either somewhat chilly, at about 40 degrees, or in the 70s. Right now, it is about 16 degrees, with streets frozen and power cut off. Largely, the power outage is due to the eco-friendly, electricity-producing windmills freezing. No power, no heat. This is expected to remain for a few days. Scary.

 I make it no secret that I was and remain a supporter of former President Donald Trump. Despite his obvious personal flaws, he was the best thing ever to happen to the United States and to Israel in recent times. Nothing can prove that statement more than the shakeup in every direction brought upon by the Biden administration. We were warned that energy would go up in price due to the new administration’s war on oil-based energy, but I didn’t think it would be this fast. Have you been on the New Jersey Turnpike lately? Gas is now a shocking $2.83 a gallon. Just a few months ago it was about $2.22. That’s just one indication. No need to elaborate, as that is not the focus of this article.

 Are you a racist? If you are reading the Queens Jewish Link, I know that you are not. I know the Jewish community, especially   the Orthodox community. It is simply not in our DNA to be racist. Our Torah has taught us to love the stranger in our midst. It has taught us not even to despise the Egyptian, despite having enslaved us for over 200 years, because we were “sojourners in their land” (D’varim 23:8). Incredible! We were subjected to forced labor, had our children drowned, built their cities, and yet we were not to despise our persecutors. We have no tolerance for hate in our persona.

 In 2005, Israeli TV journalist Amnon Abramovich said that we must protect Ariel Sharon “like an esrog.” Ariel (Arik) Sharon had always been an anathema to the Israeli left. He was, after all, a hawk who was the main driver behind the settlement movement. He pushed especially for the settlement of Gush Katif, which flourished for many years thanks to his encouragement. He was an aggressive military hero in his campaign during the Yom Kippur War and brought the IDF deep into Lebanon during Menachem Begin’s time. In short: He stood for everything the left was against.