With the first round of Democratic debates completed, America moved one step closer to a socialist takeover. It all really started happening under President Obama. Obamacare provides subsidies of over $700 billion annually. This redistribution of wealth was the first step. In the process, the medical profession got hurt, the middle class suffered inordinately, and healthcare for all was never achieved. Insurance premiums skyrocketed. Deductibles became insane and CEOs of insurance companies pocketed millions. Physicians, especially in private practice, have had trouble surviving.

President Trump’s election was as much as an attempt by the American people to stave the tide of socialism as it was to bring back jobs to America and make America great again.

Unfortunately, the pendulum swing has brought socialism back into vogue. The recent Democratic debates showed the world that the Democratic Party wants to move as far left as possible. It is only President Trump who is preventing a socialist takeover. Socialism has failed time and time again. Socialism sounds like a panacea but in the end everybody suffers. Obamacare is just one example. American healthcare is much worse off today than before Obamacare.

What is even more disturbing is that social Democrats have teamed up with Islamists who are vociferously anti-Israel. Linda Sarsour and possible Democratic candidate for Queens DA Tiffany Caban are one such example. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are another. If this trend continues, anti-Semitism will run rampant and anti-Israel sentiments will change the America-Israel alliance in a profound way. It bears repeating that the only true ally America has in the Middle East is Israel. If the foundations of this relationship are shaken, the world will become a very unsafe place. Iran will undoubtedly obtain nuclear weapons and the other Gulf countries will try to do the same. It will be the doomsday scenario we all fear.

Hopefully, America will see it the same way. 2020 is shaping up to be the most critical election in its history.

Joseph M. Frager is a physician and lifelong activist.