Bnos Malka Academy had the honor and privilege of launching Names Not Numbers©: an interactive, multi-media, Holocaust project created by educator Tova Fish-Rosenberg. This is the third year the school has participated in the project. Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum, the Menahel, introduced the program to the Eighth Grade students, imparting to them the incredible impact that their participation will have. “As the generation of survivors diminishes, these opportunities to interview and develop relationships with them become much more precious.”

Mrs. Zuckerman, the assistant principal, and Mrs. Ida Plotzker, the program coordinator, also shared a few words with the girls about how meaningful the program is. The students then heard from Mrs. Tova Fish-Rosenberg, who explained the awesome responsibility and the steps of the process. After viewing a sample documentary, the students were inspired and were eager to apply. The Names, Not Numbers© Program is generously supported by a prominent national foundation.

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