Chief Bukharian Rabbi, Rav Yitzchak Yisraeli, Appoints New Rabbis

Rav Yitzchak Yisraeli is a renowned Torah scholar who dedicates his life to giving rulings on the most difficult halachic topics ranging from medical to business law, while also guiding Rabbis of the Bukharian community in their day to day service of their respective congregations.

However, even prior to being elected Chief Rabbi of the Bukharian community in 2016, Rav Yisraeli has been giving classes to dozens of our community’s spiritual leaders for two decades.

He started by delivering classes in the Beit Din of Rav Eliyahu Ben Chaim, then by the Kollel of Rav Haimov and currently by the Beth Gavriel Center. Many of the older rabbis of the Bukharian community studied under him and a large amount of the younger Rabbis are his students as well.

One of his main missions has always been to educate young students how to learn halachic concepts in depth and gain clarity on each subject that they study. Indeed for the past few years he has delivered daily weekday classes for young Rabbi’s at the Beth Gavriel Kollel, and for the past few months he has been delivering weekly classes at Cong. Od Yosef Chai in Kew Gardens Hills.

Prior to the unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the kollel in Beth Gavriel celebrated a milestone by receiving their Rabbinic Ordination for the first stage of Dayanut. The celebration took place in a family like atmosphere as the wives of the Rabbis came along with their children to take part in the celebration.  The event was graced by the presence of the Av Beth Din Rav Eliyahu Ben Chaim, by the renowned Posek HaRav Noach Isaac Oelboum, and dozens of other community Rabbis from the Bukharian community and beyond. 

Numerous Rabbis spoke at the event and the recurring message was that the key is for people to not only study Torah, but to have yirat shamayim..... to know their place and not jump to positions they are not worthy of. 

The event concluded with members of the Beth Gavriel Kollel being given their certificates by Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yisraeli, Av Beth Din Rav Ben Haim, Rabbi Shimunov of the Beth Gavriel Center and other community rabbis.  Mr. Simcha Alishaev, VP of Beth Gavriel, took time out of his busy schedule to join this momentous occasion as did numerous other community leaders.

The future of the Bukharian community is brighter thanks to the efforts that are taking place today.