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The Twin Jerusalem Bombings: Where Is The Outcry? Where Is The Outrage?

On November 23, two bags filled with nails, shrapnel, and explosives were remotely detonated...

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Nike came up with a great expression used in all of their advertisements, which has had a profound influence on the world. Their motto is “Just do it.” I say to the State of Israel and to the US administration, in reference to applying sovereignty over Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley: “Just do it.” This is the right time. The longer one waits, the more the naysayers have time to apply pressure and make trouble.

Although restrictions have been lifted in many parts of the country, there are those holdouts who refuse to leave their homes till a vaccine for COVID-19 (whose correct name is SARS-CoV-2) is discovered. There is no doubt that an effective and safe vaccine will put an end to this devastating pandemic, which has already caused the deaths of over 100,000 Americans.

I remember the 1960s – and it was nothing like this. America is aflame and it is in trouble. It’s time for both a Bible lesson and a history lesson.

The victory by the Orthodox and right-wing pro-Israel groups in the recent 38th World Zionist Congress election says volumes about the state of the Jewish people in the United States. The divide between the Orthodox and the other denominations has grown. The contrast is even starker when looking at the support of President Trump. Over 80% of the Orthodox voted for him in 2016 and I believe that number will go up in the 2020 election.

Politics and medicine do not mix. After two major studies on COVID-19 were retracted for faulty data, it once again proves that politics has no place in medicine. Medicine has to be driven by science; it is all about saving lives. Politics should never be allowed to enter the arena. The British Journal Lancet has been a notoriously bad actor, often injecting politics in its selection of articles for publication.

The New York Times has hardly been fair or honest in its reporting on Israel or the Jewish People. A very disturbing and troubling op-ed was published this past week in The Times by Daniel Pipes, entitled “Annexation Would Hurt Israel.”