Dear Editor:

 Drip, drip, drip, watch your tax dollars go down the drain. Have you also seen all the “Don’t Let Tax, Water, or Repair Charges Come Between You and Your Property” full-page ads in many daily and weekly neighborhood newspapers? It deals with New Yorkers who owe real estate tax, water, sewer, emergency repair, or other property-related charges “the City of New York may sell a lien on your property” advertisement. Is this the best way the NYC Departments of Finance and Environmental Protection, along with Housing Preservation and Development, can spend taxpayers’ dollars?

Why can’t all three agencies compare their respective lists of people who owe money with those filing city and state tax returns? Surely the technology exists to place a lien on any tax refunds? You could also extend citizens the courtesy of a telephone call, letter, or email informing them of their overdue obligations.

What’s next? Will City Hall send out City Marshals to go door to door to serve subpoenas?

When will either NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson, or Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams – who are all 2021 Mayoral wanna-bes – put an end to this waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayers’ dollars?


Larry Penner