Dear Editor:

 For what it’s worth, here is my take on the election. I have always felt that we have an unhinged demagogue as president. We, as Jews, should know better than to follow a lying low-life demagogue. His rallies remind many of us of other rallies in other countries. Since when does America have such vitriolic rallies for one man?

As for whom I do support, Bloomberg is my man. He has loads of experience in handling huge cities and huge companies, and would do great handling our wonderful country. Unfortunately, he probably won’t make it, and we’ll get a communist as the Democratic nominee. Och and vey! If that happens, I will be forced to vote for “El Trumpo” – but when I go into the voting booth, I will be taking along a barf bag to vomit in it as I vote. Lol.


Charles Tal
Fresh Meadows, New York