Dear Editor:

 I would like to thank Warren Hecht on his kind words about Rabbi Krauss. Rabbi Krauss was a great tzadik and will be sorely missed.

I wish to respond to the Letter to the Editor by Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg. In his letter, he rips Moshe Hill on his article “One Year Since a Tragic Mistake.” Moshe Hill correctly states that the riots of the summer by Black Lives Matter were far more violent than the January 6 riots. The Left supported the summer riots but claim the January 6 riots were on par with the 9/11 terrorist attack. Rabbi Rosenberg attacks the journalistic integrity of the Queens Jewish Link for printing Hill’s article. I suggest he examine himself first. Rabbi Rosenberg claims that January 6 was an “insurrection.” That is false. Of the 700 people charged in the riot, the vast majority were charged with trespassing, and none were charged with insurrection. They are being held without bail in inhumane conditions while violent criminals are being set free.

Rabbi Rosenberg also ignores the fact that the violent part of the protest was led by Ray Epps, who was not charged because he was probably working for the FBI. The FBI refused to deny that they were the ones who instigated the attack. The FBI also admits they knew the riot was happening and did nothing to prevent it.

Rabbi Rosenberg also blames the deaths of five police officers on the rioters. One of these officers died of a stroke and four others committed suicide. Rabbi Rosenberg claims that these officers were so upset about what happened on January 6 that they decided to kill themselves. I simply do not believe this.

While Rabbi Rosenberg is screaming about January 6, he is ignoring the fact that his friends in the Democratic Party are supporting “Defund the Police” movements and “Release the Criminals” movements. The Dems are also bringing in millions of illegals through our southern border and dumping them all over this country. The Dems are also supporting the drug cartels, which are killing our young people. The Dems have also refused to allow any investigations into the origin of the Wuhan Virus. They only talk about January 6.

I would ask Rabbi Rosenberg to stop preaching about telling the truth. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

 Eric Rubin


Dear Editor:

 I, like many New Yorkers, am furious at how the New York State Democrats are drunk with power, having control of the State Assembly, the Senate, and the Governor’s mansion during a redistricting period for the first time in over 100 years, and the first time ever with a supermajority in both houses of the State Legislature. In 2014, we voted on the ballot to create a non-partisan commission (4 Republicans, 4 Democrats, and 2 Independents) to ensure a non-corrupt process. However, the Democrats have exploited a loophole in the law to allow them to be as corrupt as they want.

According to the rules, there are three plans: the Republican Commissioners’ plans, the Democratic Commissioners’ plans, and the joint plan. If all three are rejected by the State Legislature by January and no modified version is adopted before January 30, then the State Legislature can draw their own borders and pass it with 60% of the vote, which Democrats have. All they need is Hochul to sign it and they rig the State Assembly and Senate as permanently Democrat, and gerrymander out three safe Republican seats and put two into contention, in a manner so corrupt the district lines are worse than they were before. One example is that they rigged Malliotakis’ seat to have her lose (through adding in Blue areas, rather than bordering Red ones), placed a big solid weird blue district in upstate, while eliminated three Republican ones up there, and warped a Long Island District to ensure they are in play.

The Democrats deliberately rejected all the plans to ensure they could get their current corrupt redistricting plan in place. It is extremely gerrymandered for the Democrats, similar to what was done in California in 2002, 2012, and 2022 (which slowly whittled out any Republican voices), as well as in Maryland in 2012 (which is how they have a Republican Governor but a solid Democrat-controlled state legislature and all but one congressional seat) – really rigging it. While Dems make a big deal about Republicans doing this in Texas and Ohio, traditionally it was Democrats gerrymandering and the GOP only started really doing it in any large scale after 2002, when the Democrats abused gerrymandering in many states, and even worse in 2012, after seeing how some Democratic states like Maryland were rigging the system.

However, these plans are even worse than you think, because it also negates any influence the frum areas in Brooklyn have, essentially silencing the Orthodox community there and our communities’ influence as a whole. Already the Democrats have been looking to silence the frum in Brooklyn for voting for Trump, whether it was the red zones, or the embarrassment, but now they will ensure the frum have less of a voice in Albany and none in Congress. This is targeting our community especially, and we need to know who voted for it to ensure we fight against them in the next election, because such a person does not have our community’s back.

The GOP is going to challenge, but we need to make our voices heard, not just about the corruption of deliberately bypassing the bipartisan committee and using a loophole to rig elections, but also how frum votes will be silenced. And in New York, we should not care what other states do; we need to be with integrity to ourselves and lead by example. The Democrats have gotten around the two ballot initiatives they lost in a landslide, which would have allowed them to do this if they didn’t have the supermajority and rig elections more easily. Not to mention their plan to federalize elections (with a special commission of four Republicans and six Democrats that could override any state’s districts with a simple majority vote) under a corrupt bill mislabeled as “voter rights,” which went down in flames. This is just horrible politics.

We need to protest against this, with all our might. Call, email, and visit the offices of our State Assembly and Senate representatives and let them know we oppose this. Call, email, and write to Governor Hochul, as well. Let us fight for fair democracy and our community. Stop the corruption now!

 David Goldberg
Kew Gardens Hills


Dear Editor:

 I am not sure why my colleague Moshe Hill has been silent on his party’s lack of policy concerning Russia. At a time when President Joe Biden backs up his words with actions to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression, Republican social media only has the following to say: “Isn’t that the country where Hunter Biden had connections?”

The GOP used to be the party of Ronald Reagan, with resolute leadership that brought down the Soviet Union. Biden’s support for Ukraine and the democracy movement in Belarus includes funding for civic organizations, weapons and training for the Ukrainian military, and sanctions against Putin’s allies in Moscow and Minsk.

I recognize that under Donald Trump the GOP adopted America First and does not wish to get involved in foreign affairs, but as long as democratic movements around the world look to the United States for guidance, we should not be silent, or worse – to ridicule a Democratic president for proactive policies that the Republicans ought to be supporting.

We are not Switzerland, a famously neutral democracy. Ours was designed to be an example to the world, which can spread only when we take an active role in supporting it.

 Sergey Kadinsky


Dear Editor:

 Yes, Moshe Hill’s article, “One Tragic Mistake,” may not have covered the whole disaster about January 6. He talks about what has taken place in Washington the past year, since the Democrats have taken over.

Moshe Hill did not even cover the quality-of-life issues we faced in New York under Democratic rule. To me, that is way more important than what took place on January 6 of last year. How about the Bail Reform Act, which has increased crime on the streets? How about all of the homeless shelters being built? Many of the homeless come from other cities. Why should New York City support the homeless from other cities? How about all of the inconvenient bike lanes and speed cameras? Meanwhile, 2021 shows the highest number of deaths by motorists in the last ten years.

Talking about legality, how about the New York City Council voting on non-citizens being able to vote? Our own councilman James Gennaro voted against this bill. Brooklyn Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, a Russian Jewish immigrant and immigration lawyer, says if you have non-citizens voting, there will be no incentive to become citizens. Let’s talk about redistricting and how they want to mix progressive Park Slope with Nicole Malliotakis’ district. Tell me: Do Democratic legislators cheat?

Last fall, the polls showed why voters are starting to wake up. Republicans flipped two New York City Council seats and a number of positions in Nassau County and other places. I campaigned for Vickie Paladino, who won in Northern Queens; you should ask why she won. She a feisty 67-year-old Italian woman and she will fight for quality-of-life issues. If Governor Kathy Hochul wins the Democratic Primary, we may have a Republican governor. I hope she loses in court when it comes to mask mandates.

Despite some of the illegalities by the Democrats, Hill is right at the end of his article: We must hit the polls in November 2021.

Congressman Lee Zeldin was a strong advocate for Israel in Washington and will be a strong governor.

 Daniel Noble


Dear Editor:

 I put a message that I needed a health aide/companion for my mom, and so many kind people called to let me know that someone was advertising for it on Midreshet Adina. Mi k’amcha Yisrael? We really live in a wonderful, caring community. I feel so blessed.

Thank you; and thank you, Hashem!

 Susie Garber


Dear Editor:

 At a recent White House Press Conference, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked President Biden, “Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?” The President muttered, not aware that his microphone was still on, “It’s a great asset, more inflation. What a stupid [expletive].” Biden’s response was hardly Presidential. Remember the old saying, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Perhaps President Biden needs to enroll in an anger management class?

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York