Ask anyone why we mourn during “The Nine Days” and they will tell you it’s because the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed. While it’s true that this tragic event happened during these days, according to chasidic teachings, that is not why we mourn.

Deciding To Run In Primary Against NYS Assembly Member Nily Rozic

 It had been 10 years since my last race for NYS Assembly against Nily Rozic when this year I decided to jump back in to the political fray. What prompted and drove me to commit to that were the 2020 riots here in NYC and the spike in crime following the horrendous No Cash Bail Law passed in 2019 effective for 2020. To that, I saw that Nily was a co-sponsor of that bill along with other bills that I considered menacing to society. Let me cite a few - allowing felons to vote from prison alá Bernie Sanders view, making women inmates share a prison cell with Transwomen (women with male bodies), the policy of e-bikes to go unlicensed on the road and have Trump signage in State Parks be taken down because Trump, I suppose, is an embarrassment to politicians (Progressives, in my view) like her.

August is here, which means that politicians are going to start hitting the trails harder than ever, making their push to prove that they are the best candidates to vote for in November. While there are expectations for the upcoming year, there are some surprises that may come up, as well.

After being married for a while, most people come to the shocking realization that their spouse isn’t perfect after all.

And then begin the comparisons.

We mourn for many tragedies on Tish’ah B’Av. From the return of ten spies who gave our ancestors a discouraging report of Eretz Yisrael, to the many defeats that the subsequent generations have suffered since then, reasons to fast and sit on the floor while reading the Kinos have increased. In our time, it has become necessary for Jewish advocacy organizations to confront leaders in the community who have put progressive politics ahead of security for Israel.

“Andy [Levin] frequently and one-sidedly criticizes Israel, defends and even fundraises for its worst detractors...and, from his seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, authors and supports highly problematic legislation,” former AIPAC president David Victor wrote in an email to supporters in January. “And he does so as a Levin, a name which, due to his uncle and father, commands respect and admiration on Capitol Hill. To make matters worse, Andy sincerely claims to be a lifelong Zionist, proud Jew, and supporter of Israel.”

(Courtesy of Recovery at Crossroads)

 The foundation for long-term rehabilitation is physical well-being. When we use active substances, our bodies suffer physical consequences, and it takes time for our bodies to recuperate. It all begins with fundamental bodily requirements such as appropriate diet, good sleep hygiene and physical fitness. Early on in recovery, it’s critical to prioritize these wellness building blocks in order to lay a firm foundation upon which to enhance our emotional and spiritual well-being.