Fairytale Preschool Center has happily been a staple of the diverse Rego Park community offering a vast array of creative early childhood educational services. With the start of 2020, a unique opportunity with 10 limited openings is now available for low-income parents of children ages 2 through 4 to place their youth in a local caring center-based environment staffed with certified educationalists and instructors at the competitive weekly fee make-up of home-based programs. The 7-hour initiative is designed to start at 9 am and commence at 4 pm giving working moms and dads the possibility to sustain regular work times at the low cost of only $850 monthly. Additional add-on amenities are available on a case-by-case basis to further your preschooler’s social skills.

Fairytale continues as a family owned and operated facility since its humble beginnings with just 12 children a decade ago in Kew Gardens. As the need for early childhood rose throughout Queens, the vision for the current state-of-the-art fabled center was developed in 2012 and swiftly opened for the 2014 school year at its current home, 99-17 63rdRoad. This special low-income driven program is specifically devised to give back to a wonderful neighborhood that has so graciously accepted Fairytale in its midst.

If the vibrant Disney themed murals are not the only reason you choose to send your child to Fairytale let’s take a short journey through the variety of choices accessible. The preschool hub maintains a packed schedule for infants 6 weeks old to preschoolers 5 years of age. The infant program lasts until age 1, followed by the toddler division until age 2, then the kids continue in structured preschool groups. Fairytale has the working parent in mind operating their site 5 days a week and is open for drop-off as early as 7 am and pick-up can be coordinated as late as 6 pm, with transportation options.

Fun and excitement imbued with educational advancement is the overall agenda at Fairytale with physical education taking front and center. Gymnastics, karate, themed dance, yoga, Zumba® and theatre workshops are some of these weekly offerings alongside a Russian language workshop, robotics, art expression, piano and other happenings. Four resourceful and safe outdoor playgrounds are strategically placed throughout the campus always allowing for fresh air and entertaining exercise. Other action at the grounds include visits from local fire fighters, police officers and a live animal petting zoo. Security is of extreme importance at Fairytale, with an intricate closed-circuit television system in place closely and continuously monitoring the youth.

To ease the strain on parents during a hectic workweek, Fairytale provides 4 nutritious kosher meals to the children, all created in their immaculate on-premise kitchen; from breakfast to lunch, snack and dinner the youngsters are nourished with an assortment of scrumptious eats, according to nutritional guidelines.

In a diverse community like Rego Park, Fairytale prides itself on its novelties ranging from seasonal performances aptly titled Winter Wonderland and Fall Festival to name a couple. It is always an imaginary and enchanting day at Fairytale.

The ACS/HRA government voucher plan allows for affordable early childcare and educational programming based on eligibility factors that Fairytale is excited to discuss with your family in a one-on-one session ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. This program is specifically designed for parents that are denied the ACS/HRA assistance and cannot afford regular tuition.

For the first time ever, Fairytale is offering an extraordinary price reduction to qualifying families. Don’t let being strapped for funds hinder you another day and register for Fairytale’s imaginative, innovative and thematic approach to education today. Don’t let this chance slip by to put a big smile on your child’s face. If your child is between 2 and 4 years old and you have been denied ACS/HRA aid, a center-based preschool experience is still obtainable at just $850 monthly. Spacing will not remain, so call Fairytale today for more information on any of Fairytale Preschool Center services, 718-275-0204.