In Elul destinies are sealed;

Hashem, the King, is in the field.

Approach Him now, as He is near,

Draw close; He’s made the passage clear.

Righteous judgment pleases Him,

Befitting tzelem Elokim.

Redress for the pious,

Wages of sin.

Laws ordained in Parshas Shoftim,

Peace, Good, and Salvation.

For the humble man,

But a firebrand dispatches,

The black-hearted plan.


In these trying times, confusion reigns,

A scramble for power and political gains.

Plotting witnesses lie,

At the drop of a hat;

Shoftim “has an App for that!”

Aptly, the conspirator’s penalty,

Is to land where they planned,

Their victims to be.


Committees convened,

Countless tax dollars spent,

To unseat an American president.

Raining contrivance, like so much confetti,

Circling like hyenas, on the Serengeti!

Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi,

Vampires with fangs like Bela Lugosi!


New York’s Democratic Socialists

Have now deemed to create

A vow not to visit the Jewish State.

They and the “Squad” will share the same fate!

Taken out with the trash,

Their impetus ablate;

Confederates, in their shady biz,

Guess they forgot who the King Maker is!


Riding the crest, like a bird on the wing,

Got the world on a string.

Like they’ve grabbed the brass ring!

Well-versed, but unknowing,

With the arrows they sling,

No one really gets away with anything!


Vicious deceivers, you are crafty and skilled,

But Hashem’s Justice will be fulfilled.

May you schemers soon fall,

May your juggernaut stall;

May the pit that you’ve dug,

Swallow you all!


Mashiach’s salvation will be heralded soon,

May it come before our country falls to ruin.

May Elul’s coming shofar blast,

Bring truth and justice to the world at last!

By Sharon Marcus