What does Hashem require of us?

After all,

He’s given us so much!

A beautiful world

That renews each day,

Luminaries to light our way,

Over all, mastery and control

By virtue of

Our G-dly soul.


Hashem asked Moshe to take

T’rumah, “a gift, for Me,

For My sake”:

A sanctuary upon which

His glory could dwell

Among His beloved


T’rumah’s root means to “uplift”;

The Most High

Is giving us a gift!


Moshe wondered

How an entity ethereal

Could be built with

Physical materials;

Israel achieved its part,


Hashem completed the Mishkan.


Moshe was shown the Menorah

To fabricate,


For human hands to create.

Does Hashem need its light?

He created the sun!

It is for our elevation.

In turn, we were given

A pillar of fire,

For the nations

To see and aspire;

He Who gives the world light

Takes light from His nation –

An impressive inspiration!


At first we were given

Everything from G-d’s Hand;

Then, our participation

By His command

Turned us into a people

Of creative endeavor,

Builders of G-d’s House,

And Israel forever

No longer only able

To take and complain,

But entrusted producers

To design and attain:

Small state,

Big society,

What we do for each other

The priority.


King Solomon,

Wisest among men,

Built the first Beis HaMikdash,

Then asked Hashem,

“The heavens and earth

Cannot contain you;

How can this house contain you?”


What can anyone

Give HaKadosh Baruch Hu?

There is one dynamic thing

We all can do:

Take our world,

Inherently inanimate,

Spiritualize and sanctify it,

Make our free choice

A selfless one,

Make Hashem’s will

Our chosen option.


May HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Build His House

On Moriah supernal;

His Beis HaMikdash

And our redemption

Will then, be eternal.

By Sharon Marcus