There’s a growing movement in the wig industry and it’s all about Ralph Wigs. Ralph is the premier innovative sheitel company that everyone is talking about. The name is synonymous with quality, customer service, and style. Women in communities across America look forward to Ralph’s team visiting their community, eager to join the movement.

A Ralph wig is truly unique. The quality is outstanding while the price is surprisingly affordable. That’s because Ralph’s wigs are sold directly from the factory to the client, with no additional middle-man fees, for which his customers are eternally grateful. The purchaser will invariably walk away with a masterpiece of a wig at an incredibly low price. And the cut as well as the enhancements (baby hair, coloring, fit adjustments...) are also included!

Ralph wigs are hand-made in Palermo Italy, a city famous for its artisan culture. Ralph began his career when he was very young, but his talents and skills were obvious and he was quickly enlisted as the personal assistant to Joseph Papino, known as the best wig-maker in the world. Ralph worked under Papino for seven years. He learned every aspect of the wig industry, from hair selection, to color, to construction, to styling. It was the ultimate learning experience.

About thirty-six years ago, Ralph took over the business while remaining faithful to Papino’s uncompromising standards of quality and perfection. Eventually, he decided to start his own line of quality wigs, serving the community he is proud to be a part of.

Ralph and his team have your back. They won’t sell you a wig and run. Instead they provide the customer with a one-year guarantee, even for the wigs purchased on sale. “They held my hand,” says one satisfied customer, “through the entire process.”

Ralph is currently beginning his month-long tour in cities across the tri-state area and beyond and it will be well worth your while to stop by. Sales are fully stocked with an extensive selection of wigs falls and kippa falls, all featuring Ralph’s signature lightweight and comfortable caps. Experienced and knowledgeable staff members are on premises to help you make a decision. Payment plans are available and kallahs and their moms are treated to an extra $200 discount on their purchases. All of Ralph’s products are under the hashgacha of Rabbi Gross from Bnei Brak. Clearly, this is a sale you won’t want to miss.

“Women these days are more discriminating than ever,” says Ralph. “They’re demanding the best products on the market.” No wonder Ralph’s products are trending among women in all communities. The wigs are legendary – exquisite and luxurious while also practical and comfortable. It’s the ultimate sheitel shopping experience and it’s coming to a city near you.

For more information on Ralph’s multi-city tour, call 848-210-3121, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or follow Ralph on Instagram @ralph_wigs.