Myth: After you’ve had the baby, you need to focus on the baby’s health and needs.

Truth: You must take care of your own health too.

Mazal tov! You had your baby and you’re done with pregnancy. The baby is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen but then it starts crying the minute you try to rest. You’re exhausted and overwhelmed but also elated and loving your baby. All of this sounds confusing. It is. It’s normal. So don’t worry. What’s not good is if you forget about yourself. 

Myth: When meeting with politicians and lobbying, what matters is your message and not what you wear.

Truth: What you wear does matter. I know this is a little late because the NORPAC Mission to Washington already happened, but someone suggested I cover this topic anyway. If we have to do this again next year, we’ll be prepared. By the way, to all those of you who went with NORPAC, don’t worry; you all dressed just fine with no glaring mistakes.

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