Myth: A woman needs to dress
to please the men in her life.

Truth: A woman needs to dress for herself. Last week I wrote that there’s nothing unhealthy about respecting the preferences of the men in your life, especially your husband. I stand by that. However, if you’re so busy dressing only to please the men, you’re not necessarily showing him the real you and that’s a disservice both to him and to yourself.

Myth: Colors and prints can make the difference between an outfit being seasonally appropriate or not.

Truth: What makes an outfit seasonally appropriate is the fabric weight and texture, while colors and prints can work year-round. This question has come up a number of times on my social media feed. A woman will show a photo of a very pretty dress or skirt or top in a spring or summer color or print and she’ll ask if it will look right in fall or winter. Of course, I answer by telling her that if the item is warm enough for cooler weather, that’s what counts.

Myth: Tzniut demands that we hide.

Truth: True tzniut demands that we not hide.

I think that if I had to pick a favorite month of the year, it would be Elul. I may be biased because Elul is my birthday month, but I also appreciate the extra tefillot and soul-searching that we’re doing right now. We’re supposed to approach the Yamim Noraim with the mindset of working on ourselves and becoming better people. Of course, that means facing up to ourselves and to Hashem. Notice the word “facing…”